Rightmove statistics: pie charts

News at Whitakers | 06/04/2023

You may notice that we often post our Rightmove statistics in the form of pie charts. But what does it mean, and is it important?

What they show
These pie charts give the viewer an idea of how a particular agent is performing against other agents, in particular post codes, and in a set period of time. It allows you to gauge performance, and look at the numbers. Our sales teams are split into four, they are: West Hull villages, West Hull, Sutton and surrounding East villages, and East Hull. Each office is monitored to ensure that we are providing excellent results for our sellers, and we generate pie charts for this. 

Why we post pie charts
It’s nice to have a large market share, or a large portion of the ‘pie’, but the numbers are most important to us. It’s a good way to show our clients that we are committed to getting excellent results consistently and that we care about performance. You can see how we rank against other agents, how active we are in your area, and it provides evidence of our results. It also provides a quick and easy way for a potential seller to look at how we perform and backs up our claims that we are a proactive estate agent!

What we post
Our pie charts fall into three categories: Available Properties - Sales Agreed - New Instructions. These can be weekly, monthly, or even for the year! You will spot them on our promotional material too. 

Sales Agreed: what this category shows
This pie chart is by far the most important to us! We’re committed to getting all of our sellers sold and through to completion, so getting a sale agreed is one of the first steps to this. Sales Agreed shows the total number of sales agreed in the postcodes selected over a fixed period of time. This is why we love posting these charts!

Available Properties and New Instructions: what these categories show
Whilst these two charts might not be quite as important as Sales Agreed, they are handy to know about! Available Properties shows the number of properties in the postcodes selected over a fixed period of time. New Instructions shows the properties that are new to the market and have been listed. This is helpful, both to show that the agent you are considering is active in your area, and that they have a good knowledge of how to market similar properties. It may also be useful to know how successful an agent is when you begin the hunt for your new property; you will want to ensure you are sold and have exclusive access to the mailing lists and new properties about to hit the market.

After you have chosen us as your agent
We don't just use statistics in our promotional material! When you market your property for sale with us, you receive detailed feedback from us about your personal Rightmove stats. We generate detailed reports for our sellers and explain to them what they mean, why they are important, and what we can do to improve them if required. Internet marketing and property portals are where most buyers find properties, so it is essential that properties are marketed well and that we monitor performance constantly, exploring the data that makes up these pie charts in the first place. Great advertising and visibility is key to matching buyers and sellers, which is why it is so important to us!