Selling your home: are for sale boards helpful?

News at Whitakers | 12/04/2023

Have you ever wondered how 'for sale' boards might help you sell your home? For sale boards are commonly used by agents across Hull, and we think they’re very helpful! Here is why.

Boards increase property exposure to potential buyers and are a great marketing tool. Generally, properties with boards receive an increased number of enquiries. This could be from reaching unregistered buyers or those who spotted the sign, went online and loved the look of your property!

Word of mouth
Many sales come about due to word of mouth. Family and friends are usually aware of their loved one’s plans to move and will often help on their search, or even mention to them that a neighbour’s home is for sale and recommend your home, so you may gather interest from this.

Location promoting advertising
Some buyers will look around an area to see what the local area has to offer and get a feel for the street. This is particularly common for those who are moving to an area, or considering an area that they are not familiar with. A board will help catch their attention when they are driving or walking around.

Catching buyers that might not yet be online
Boards are also used to catch those that aren’t online. Although many people carry out much of their property search online, other methods of advertising still prove very helpful. Some people may not have internet access or prefer to look in branch. You may also catch those thinking of coming to the market but are not yet searching on property portals.

Early advertising
Boards can be organised before your property is market ready, or the brochure is finalised. This helps gather interest for when your home hits the open market. We frequently receive enquiries from potential buyers wanting to be registered for when a property goes live!

Agent boards can be for practical reasons too. Boards make it easy for your viewers to find you! This will help viewers find the property and prevent confusion, especially if your property is tucked away or not visible from the main road.

Commitment to selling
Most buyers expect a board outside a property and may be concerned that a lack of board means a lack of commitment. Having a board indicates that you are committed to selling your property.

Picture boards
Picture boards can be a fun and interesting way of advertising your property, particularly if your home is located somewhere that receives a high amount of foot traffic. Eye catching images will grab attention and may lead to further enquiries.

Viewers that have seen your property and enquired from your ‘for sale’ board tend to be more committed. Those browsing the internet will have been carrying out many property searches, including different areas, but those who spotted your board are familiar with the area your home is in. They have taken a specific interest in your home, which may lead to them being a more serious viewer.

So, although much of our marketing is done online, we’re not rejecting the more traditional methods of advertising. We think it’s important to be seen to be sold! If you would like more information or to chat to our sales team, you can contact us on or call us on 01482 334444!